Book Club Kits

Share your love of reading with friends and enjoy thought-provoking discussions with our Book Club Kits! Our curated collection features a range of genres and themes, ensuring there's something for everyone. Kits are available for pick up by request from any WCL branch.

Things to know: 

  • Book Club Kits consist of 10 paperback copies. Some titles are also available in other formats. If WCL does not have an audiobook of a title and it is required for accessibility reasons, please ask library staff about registering with the Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA).
  • Book Club Kits have a 6-week loan period and cannot be renewed.
  • Book Club Kit titles can be viewed online but must be ordered through library staff at any branch. Patrons cannot place holds on Book Club Kits themselves.
  • A Book Club Kit can only be signed out on a Book Club card. The person named on the card is responsible for booking, collecting, and returning sets. If books are not returned, or are returned damaged, the person named on the Book Club card is financially responsible.
  • Books from the regular collection can be requested at the discretion of staff. Titles must have been published for 1 year or more, must not be currently popular, and a 6-week loan period is not guaranteed. These holds must be placed with a Book Club card to get a 6-week loan period if available.
  • There is no restriction on how far in advance Book Club Kits can be booked (some clubs book their sets a year in advance).
  • Book Club Kits should be picked up within 3 days of being notified so that the booking schedule stays on track.
  • Book Club Kits cannot be returned in the drop box. Kits must be returned in-branch so staff can check the bag and contents. Incomplete sets will not be checked in until everything has been returned (all books and information folder). 

We hope you enjoy the use of our Book Club Kits! If you have any recommendations for future titles, please fill out the WCL Book Club Suggestions sheet inside the information folder of each kit or available from library staff. Suggestions can also be emailed to